Hotels in Santa Marta

¿What can you do in Santa Marta?


Solymar (Sun and beach)

The hotel has the exclusivity of this wonderful place, which full of tranquility and with the best sunsets in the city. Perfect if you are looking for a place nearby – simply beautiful, with a pool and direct access to the sea. 


City tour

allows access to the main attractions,  for example: : the Historic Center, San Pedro Alejandrino’s Villa, the Gold Museum, Taganga, Bolívar Park and Los Novios Park, Tayrona National Park, some beaches around the city, for example: Rodadero, White Beach, Bello Horizonte, amongst others.

Tayrona National Park – main entrance

a place I can recommend. It is located in northern Colombia, with an extensive protected area that covers the slopes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, which borders the Caribbean coast. It is known for its palm tree lined beaches with coastal lagoons, tropical forests and its rich biodiversity.

Cristal Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Tayrona National Natural Park. It is totally crystalline, hosting an array of corals.

Bahía Concha

is another of the most beautiful beaches of the Tayrona National Natural Park.

Lost City

Ancient town of the Tayrona people in the Colombian Caribbean that was built 800 years ago and only discovered recently, in 1972. The beauty of this fascinating piece of Colombian history is that it can only be accessed by hiking up through one of the most diverse and spectacular scenery in Colombia; it is a conservationists dream, a truly authentic environment. To hike to the Lost City takes between 4 – 6 days.


is a must-see plan if you like nature, it is on the river Don Diego; it is where eco-tourism and archeology are connected.

Quebrada Valencia

the waterfalls, complete with refreshing water wells that flow from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.


is a small coffee town 40 minutes from Santa Marta and 500 meters above sea level. Enjoy a good river bath in the blue well and visit a coffee plantation.

Ciénaga Grande

place where you can enjoy a lot of fauna and flora. Here flow most of the rivers that come from the Sierra de Nevada de Santa Marta and you can see the villages stilt houses that are on the swamp.

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