Visit our Restaurant in Santa Marta Colombia

Our Bacota restaurant is the perfect restaurant choice in Santa Marta. Its menu offers the unique mix of local ingredients and the flavors of the world. A menu that combines sea entrances, vegetarian options and local dishes, such as cayeye samario, a green banana puree that faithfully represents the typical gastronomy. In the menu of forts you will find fish, seafood, mature meats, pastas and salads created for our diners along with a select wine list of French, Chilean and Argentine wines complement the experience of a unique restaurant in the city of Santa Marta.

The Bacota Restaurant is open to all public, flexible hours, previous reservation by this via or by the numbers: +57 (5) 4210215  Celular Phone: 3218291777

restaurantes en Santa Marta


Enjoy different breakfast options. Our wide variety makes every day of your stay taste different options and have your favorite.

Location: Outdoor Restaurant first floor
Hours: Monday to Sunday between 6 am – 10 am

restaurantes en Santa Marta


The Bacota restaurant in Santa Marta, located in the main hall of the hotel, has an extensive menu, which offers a variety of meats, seafood, poultry and fish accompanied by delicious side dishes.

Location: Exterior and Interior Restaurant First Floor
Hours: Monday to Sunday  between 12pm – 3pm

restaurantes en Santa Marta


A gastronomic experience in the middle of the historical center. A selection of wines accompanies the main menu of starters and main courses. A different restaurant in the oldest city in America.

Location: Exterior and Interior Restaurant First Floor
Hours: Monday to Sunday  between 6pm – 10pm

restaurantes en Santa Marta


Enjoy a variety of cocktails, select wines and national and imported liqueurs. Live a sunset or spend the day in the company of your partner or friends on one of our terraces.

Location: Second floor terrace
Hours: Monday to Sunday 12pm – 10pm

restaurantes en Santa Marta


Room service available from 6:00 am. At 10:00 p.m.